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These little crazies are why I do what I do! On the far left is my baby Sophie. She was almost 15 years old when this picture was taken. Sadly in August 2021 we lost her. Next we have Slober. He is 4 years old and as wild as he can be. You won’t see him at the boutique much because he’s got a crazy switch that’s always on! Beside him is Marshmallow. She is 1 year old and was born deaf. If I’m at the boutique you can guarantee she’s with me. She can’t get enough attention from people! Last but not least is Chanel. She is 2 years old. Even though she is my mom's dog, I watch her a lot and I love her to pieces so I say she’s mine! You might catch her at the boutique when you stop by.

I don’t sell anything in the boutique that I wouldn’t be comfortable giving them! They test out a ton of stuff before I put it out. Whether it’s toys, treats, etc I will order one for them to see what they think of it. If they love it then I order a bunch for the boutique!


This here is Flash. He's one year old and the newest member of the family. Someone I know posted about him being in a wiener dog rescue out in California and I knew I had to have him as soon as I saw him! He fit right in. Him and Marshmallow are best buddies!


My name is Elizabeth and I am 29 years old. I have a degree in civil engineering and worked as a bridge designer for three years. I wasn't happy with working in a cube for eight hours a day at a computer and having little interaction with people. I love animals so much and I wanted a place where people could go and not only have a fun experience but find good quality products, healthy treats, and healthy food for their pets so the boutique idea was born.


It was very difficult coming up with a name and I spent a lot of time thinking about it. I chose 'Precious' because to me all animals are precious. I chose 'Paws' because I wanted to be inclusive and cater to not just dogs but cats as well. I chose 'Boutique' because I felt it best described the feel I was going for and the quality of the products.

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We love all of our local customers from Myrtle Beach and nearby areas including North Myrtle BeachPine IslandCarolina ForestArcadian Shores, Surfside BeachMurrells Inlet, Pawleys Islandand more!

Come visit our pet boutique in Myrtle Beach, SC specializing in quality food, treats, and supplies for cats and dogs.